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to the first day of the rest of your life

Searching for meaning, purpose, drive or

a new perspective on life?

Work on your Life Force and everything else will fall into place. 

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Trying to pursue your goals and find purpose in life can be difficult without the drive or motivation. This would be like trying to go on a road trip without fuel in your vehicle.  The Life Force can help. This process is the foundation of the work that I do with many of my clients.  Rather than wait for the energy or motivation to come, you can start working on your Life Force right away. 

Relationship with your Body:

  • Find a way to move your body every day, ideally sometime earlier in the day. Morning sports practices were tough to wake up for, but always made me feel good throughout the day. 

  • Eating nutritious and well-balanced meals is putting fuel in your body. Do you want to fill up with 85, 89 or 93 octane fuel?

  • Prioritizing sleep is important and your therapist wants to hear about your sleep habits. Teenagers should be allowed to sleep as much as they want!

  • Reflection: How do I feel about my body? Is this relationship serving me or not? What is my body trying to tell me?

Relationship to Others:

  • Seeing friends/family regularly

  • Joining community activities can help- church, dodgeball, book clubs, volunteer/charity organizations

  • Seeing people creates connection, but remember one person has to take the initiative or it won't happen

  • Clear communication and vulnerability can create deeper intimacy. What difficult conversations have I been avoiding?

Relationship to Self:

  • Responding to your inner-critic with Self-Compassion

  • Accepting and loving yourself for who you are, not comparing yourself to others

  • Taking non-distracted time to be with thoughts/ feelings

  • Build awareness of your subconscious struggles/desires (writing helps)

When these elements of the Life Force pyramid are in place, a drive to pursue interests, passions, or projects will follow naturally. Most of these things require taking doing something. Small purposeful actions are what make up a meaningful life.

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