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Psychotherapy (sometimes referred to as"talk therapy") is a scientific treatment for many problems, such as physical or emotional pain. 

To schedule an appointment please call and leave a message to setup your free phone consultation. Client appointments are scheduled weekly at the same day and time for 45 or 53 minutes.  Appointments can be provided to the comfort of your own home.

Scientific-supported interventions offered for children and adults in the following areas:


  • Behavioral parent training (Raising resilience children)

  • Organization and productiving training (executive functioning skills) for ADHD

  • Depression and Anxiety Disorders

  • OCD & Tics/Tourette Disorders

  • Languishing and low motivation (sub-clinical depression

  • Bipolar Disorders

  • Weight-loss 

  • Early career coaching

  • Gastrointestinal (GI) and health problems

  • Screen Time Consultation 


I accept 3 insurances: United Healthcare, Lyra Health and Medicaid of CT (Husky Health). For all other insurances, I am"out-of-network." As an out-of-network psychologist, clients pay for each session and then receive a monthly statement, a Superbill, which they submit to their insurance for partial reimbursement. I take payment directly at the time of session via credit card. 

Cancellation Policy:                                                                                    

Keeping our scheduled appointments is an important aspect of working toward your treatment goals. If you fail to notify me at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment time that you need to cancel, you will be charged for the full session fee.

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